Moon Light Speed

Gigposters, Serigraphy, Illustration by this one guy.

Just finished these Deer Tick spring tour posters. pick one up if you see them out and about or stay lazy because I’ll have some up in the store next month.

after two of the shittiest seasons i’ve seen, colorado has been seeing an amazing winter this year. i feel so privileged to be able to enjoy it. i’ve definitely been playing hookey as of the last few days, and hookey feels so gooood.
a piece i did for mountain dew. came out pretty tight. i think i cut down on drinking it in middle school because i heard yellow #5 shrinks your penis. probably myth.
The sxsw booth in action. I gotta say, this year trumped the shit out of last, what an awesome week, although I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see any of the bands I wanted (moot). But a HUGE thanks to everybody that came out and has been following and supporting what I do, it’s a treat to get to meet you guys in person and i am most gracious!
new printz to premier at flatstock at sxsw! head over to the facebook page to watch me and Pencil Plan’s shitty adventure of driving, drinking and eating our way across the states on our way down to Austin next week!

here’s the process of my latest design and print for UME’s  new album, ‘Monuments’ release! it’s a 4 screen, 2 split fountain with transparent overlays. this thing was a beast to print, but totally worth it. it’s always a pleasure working with these guys and gals, check out some songs of the new album and then buy it here!!

just getting started inking this small illo. i hold my breath way too much when i do this stuff.
this was a fun day.

New Items in My New Store!

Deer Tick posters for Devil’s night and Halloween diptych will be up in the store next week. yup!

ink is fun.

Punks hate cops even when they’re dead.

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