Moon Light Speed

Gigposters, Serigraphy, Illustration by that one guy.

My Poster for the U.M.S. is up for sale in my online store! only 5 copies left! Sendak was a punk!

Light’s Out (everybody’s asleep) was created for the national show Artcrank. It’s up for sale along with a bunch of other new stuff now!

Planes Mistaken for Stars. Damn, it’s been a minute since i’ve seen these lovely bastards play. Back in the good old days these guys were kind enough to take my old band Autokinoton along with them on an east coast tour and showed us a helluva time. this print is a small way of saying “i’m chubbed over you guys”. it’s a 2 color printed on black paper using a specially mixed up batch of ‘mirror’ silver, as i like to call it. Yow! i’m headed out to chicago in the morning, driving, holy smokes is that gonna suck! but the light at the end of the tunnel is i’ll be slinging posters at pitchfork music festival and getting some good hangs in with some great friends and family, see you there!

I made some fun posters for Cloud Nothings show last night! always a wicked good show. I’m lucky enough to be able to see them next weekend as well over at pitchfork fest in chicago!

Making Christmas!!

So the grand reopening of ink lounge and our first gallery show happened last saturday and it couldn’t have gone better! a few kegs, 2  bands and a 20+ artist print show, along with 8 solid hours of the new space being packed with people, it was a spectacular time! i’m sure that i had a bit too much to drink, but it was a lot of work getting the space ready by the opening and i needed to blow off some steam. Huge thanks to Indigenous Robot and Sweet Spirit for playing the show tickling our earballs. check it!

Hey! i wanted to get some pics up of the new shop i’ve been working on with a few fellow colleagues since march. some printer friends Stu and Nicky here in denver go by the name of Ink Lounge, teach and provide basic tools and space for the beginning screen printer. they had approached Chris Huth and i about joining up and collaborating on a new space right around the new year of 2014. Stu had essentially planned out a theme to be present throughout the space and it was up to chris and i to assist in making it practical for both the beginning printer and the professional. since chris and i will now be printing and designing out of this space we wanted it to be awesome and thanks to stu’s obsessive compulsive drive for perfection, it came out pretty righteous. here’s some before and after pics of the space.

Deer Tick has sold out of their tour posters i made for them, luckily for you i print extras for just such an occasion. i have about 30 that are up for sale in my store now. in an orderly manner, please form a single file line and enter here>

New Silvanus Print is up for sale in the shop along with a few other new art prints and gigposters. go check ‘em out!

Pretty fired up about this commission.

Just finished these Deer Tick spring tour posters. pick one up if you see them out and about or stay lazy because I’ll have some up in the store next month.

after two of the shittiest seasons i’ve seen, colorado has been seeing an amazing winter this year. i feel so privileged to be able to enjoy it. i’ve definitely been playing hookey as of the last few days, and hookey feels so gooood.
a piece i did for mountain dew. came out pretty tight. i think i cut down on drinking it in middle school because i heard yellow #5 shrinks your penis. probably myth.
The sxsw booth in action. I gotta say, this year trumped the shit out of last, what an awesome week, although I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see any of the bands I wanted (moot). But a HUGE thanks to everybody that came out and has been following and supporting what I do, it’s a treat to get to meet you guys in person and i am most gracious!